Autumn can be an unexpectedly fabulous time. The summer visitors have gone. The winter visitors have yet to arrive. You have the mountains to yourselves. The colours are spectacular. No need to go to New England. Monetier is a delight. Autumn is also the best time to go hiking at altitude. In Spring the snow lingers but in autumn it's melted and the first serious snowfalls have yet to arrive. The footpaths are as clear as they ever will be and, in the crisp mountain air, you can see forever.


There´s so much to see and do around Monêtier in the summer. You can go hiking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, rafting, climbing, paragliding... But you can also be as lazy as you like, strolling beside the river, lying in the sun, shopping in the boutiques of Briançon´s historic quarter, sampling the food in the valley´s many restaurants. No one could ever be bored. It´s the perfect time for adventurers,  for hedonists and for families. In fact, for everyone.


Spring is always a fascinating time in Monêtier. Slowly the snow recedes, the famous larch forests turn a brilliant shade of green and the meadows become speckled with the colours of Alpine flowers - pink, blue, yellow and white. All kinds of butterflies add to the effect. This is a wonderful time to explore the valleys on foot, by bike or by car.


The skilifts normally open around the middle of December, but if you like ski touring you can usually set off in November. (The Col de Lauteret (2030m), a few kilometres along the road, is an excellent starting point.) And ski de fond can also begin in November, especially in the higher areas such as the Le Laus sector at nearby Cervières.  Christmas/New Year is an especially lovely time. Once the festivities are over,  the village and the slopes are quiet again (and prices are cheaper). If you like tranquility then this is the time for you.When the French school holidays begin in February the village is really buzzing. From mid-March the slopes are emptier once more, the sun is hot and the days are long. This can be the perfect time to come, especially if there are non-skiers in the group. The Monêtier lifts normally close around the middle of April but, if you're eager for more, nearby La Grave can be expected to stay open one to two weeks longer.

A Village For All Seasons

Monêtier is a village that has different things to offer at every season. But one thing stays the same. Sunshine! There are 300 sunshine days a year, so you´ll be very unlucky not to get a tan. Fortunately, there´s enough precipitation on the other 65 days to keep the slopes green in summer and white in winter.

When To Come