Other Summer Activities

There are plenty of other summer activities, too. There's horse riding, bungee jumping,  mountain scooters, paintball, paragliding, fishing, swimming in lakes and swimming pools, bird watching, butterfly hunting, wildlife spotting... You'll never be bored.

On The River

Stroll down the Rue de la Petite Turière and you're soon beside the clear, swift waters of the Guisane river, a paradise for all kinds of activities. From Monetier you can descend in inflatable rafts, in one or two-person inflatable kayaks, or with nothing more than a wetsuit, a pair of fins and a special float. For maximum thrills start at Le Casset, a couple of kilometres upstream (for those who know about these things, there are rapids up to grade IV). If you do the full 17 km it will take you about two and a half hours. For enthusiasts there are plenty of other good rivers in the area, too, including the Durance, the Onde, the Guil and the Clarée.


If you've never done any climbing but would like to give it a go, you can begin with a via ferrata (Italian for 'iron road'). A via ferrata is a climbing route which is protected with a steel cable to which you can attach yourself. You can't fall and are perfectly safe. The route may also be provided with iron rungs, pegs, carved steps, ladders and aerial walkways. There is one in the Monetier commune at l'Aiguillette du Lauzet, an easy introduction in outstanding scenery. Others are at Saint Chaffrey, La Salle Les Alpes, Briançon, Fressinières and l'Argentière. If you're a real climbing enthusiast there are thousands of routes in the area, several of them behind Monêtier itself. The spectacular Vallouise is particularly popular.

Cycling And Mountain Biking

Even if you've never cycled much before you can have great fun on Monetier's mountain bike trails, far away from traffic. And you don't have to do any hard work. The Bachas chairlift, a short distance from the studio, is specially adapted to carry bikes. Once you're up you have a choice of beautiful descents. And when you feel like new adventures you have the whole valley. The Briançon region is also famous for road biking. The ascent to the Col du Granon (2413m), for example, was part of the Tour de France in 1986. Then there are the climbs to the Col du d'Izoard (2361m) and the Col du Galibier (2645m) among many other spectacular routes.


Most summer visitors to Monetier like to walk or hike. The possibilities are endless, with around 370 km of trails in the immediate area, covering all levels. You don't have to be a hard man to enjoy those spectacular views. Just take the nearby Bachas lift, or any of the other lifts in the valley, enjoy a delicious meal in a mountain restaurant, then stroll back down at your leisure. But for those who like something more demanding Monêtier has plenty to offer, including famous Grande Randonnée routes, such as the GR5 which runs along the valley, and the GR50 which tours the Ecrins National Park. The park boasts more than 100 summits over 3,000m, many of them accessible to keen hikers. Picnic by a lake - Combeynot, la Douche, Oule - before returning, or spend the night in a refuge.

Summer Activities